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GCT Band

Greenview is honored to have this talented group of men minister in music to our congregation each week. 

Ron Short, Keyboards-Band Leader- Music Minister  
Ron has been the Music Minister at Greenview since Memorial Day Weekend, 2011.  Ron got his start in music on the drums at age 5. By the time he gave his heart to the Lord at age 13, he had added guitar, bass and piano to his list of talents. Ron began traveling with his first part time group at age 14, and has been blessed to experience the many facets involved in Gospel Music down through the years. Ron says... “I have learned so much from all of the people I have worked for and with. I am thankful to have been involved in Gospel Music Ministry for 31 years. I have been a roadie; played drums, piano, bass, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, organ, banjo, and saxophone on stage at one point or another. I have been a sound tech, sound man, motor home driver/mechanic, navigator, and road mgr.; been a session player, session leader, assistant engineer, songwriter, music composer, arranger, project coordinator, and producer. I have also been a Sunday School Teacher, Preacher, Evangelist, Minister of Music, and an Assistant Pastor.”

“I am proud of what God is doing here at Greenview Calvary Tabernacle and I am extremely proud of Phil, Jason, Brad, and Nathanael. These guys are awesome people, great musicians, and they have a heart to Minister. I am thankful to God and to Pastor Tim for giving me this opportunity.” Ron is married to his sweetie, Robin (27 years) and their son Brad is married to Alyssa. “I am proud to say that my kids are active in Music Ministry in their church.

Nathanael Dunlavy, Harmonica
Nathanael is the newest member of the GCT Band and brings with him versatility and a range of Gospel Music styles. He grew up playing the drums, but has recently turned his attention to an instrument that is unique to traditional church music..... the harmonica. At Greenview, the songs range from bluegrass and southern gospel, to old fashioned camp meeting and even black gospel. The harmonica is a great fit and a nice addition to the sound of The GCT Band. Nathanael enjoys being part of GCT's Music Ministry and says.... "to find a group whose members are comprised of committed Christians who are seasoned, top quality musicians is truly a rare blessing.” Nathanael is also a vocalist and is involved in other Ministries within the church.

Phil Garber, Lead Guitar
Phil was born and raised in a strong family environment in Dayton, Ohio. Although the family believed in God, it was not until age seventeen that Phil found Christ through true repentance and faith. Phil accepted Christ at a Christian concert, which was a natural setting due to his lifelong love of music.
Phil has a strong conviction that music should have substance that helps Christians have a closer and more consecrated walk with Christ. To this end, Phil believes in, and performs musical styles from classic hymns to Christian country, adult contemporary, and rock. Phil concentrates on songs that exhort, encourage, and teach lessons of faith in times of adversity.

Phil has been involved in the music department at Greenview for over 30 years. He is a vocal soloist and plays lead guitar.  Phil’s prayer is that all people would be able to feel the closeness of God every minute of every day, and know that they matter to Jesus.

Brad Lewellen, Bass Guitar
Brad has been playing the bass guitar for over 31 years. He had the privilege to travel and minister in over 38 states throughout the years. At the age of 5, he was miraculously healed from being crippled and not being able to walk. GOD straightened out his legs instantly during a revival at a small church in Richmond, IN. Ever since that night, he believes God has had His hand on his life.

Brad has been blessed with a beautiful wife, Lisa (just celebrated 24 years of marriage). They have 3 beautiful daughters, Shelby, Kayla & Lauren and a grandson, Keaton. God has truly been good to him!

Jason Sutherland, Drums
Jason has been playing gospel music since he was 12 years old.  He was fortunate to have parents that allowed him to follow his dreams. As a young boy, he would sit in church and watch the drummer play and hope and pray that God would give him the talent to play the drums one day. Well little did he know, but God had much bigger plans for him than just playing in church . He was at a gospel concert, sitting in the crowd, and after the concert one of the singers from the group said that the Lord had told him that Jason was to play drums for them. Little did that singer know that Jason had been praying for this opportunity for a long time. So at the age of 12, Jason went on the road traveling around the world. He has been in concert with groups like The Crabb Family, The Greenes, Hoppers, Mckameys, Karen Peck and more. He has also played at The Ryman Theater in Nashville, TN at the age of 14.

Jason has traveled all over the world and now calls Ohio home with his lovely wife Ashley of 5 years. He says he doesn't know what God has in store for him next but can't wait to see what happens.